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Critical acclaim for Broken Silence Theatre:


(Crushed - Brighton Fringe Festival 2015)


(Necessity - Brighton Fringe Festival 2017)


(Voices From Home - Brighton Fringe Festival 2021)


(Fragments - Brighton Fringe Festival 2022)


(Fragments - Brighton Fringe Festival 2022)


(Fragments - Brighton Fringe Festival 2022)

★★★★★ (London Pub Theatres on Adam & Eve)

“Adds a new dimension to Phoebe Éclair Powell’s Wink and Brad Birch’s The Brink.”

★★★★★ (Theatre Weekly on Adam & Eve)

“Gripping from start to finish.”


★★★★★ (Unicorn Smiles on Adam & Eve)

“Ticks every box in theatre.” 

★★★★★ (The Review Chap on Adam & Eve)

“Engrossing, frustrating, but, above all, utterly fascinating.” 

★★★★★ (London Theatre 1 on Adam & Eve)

"This is a hard-hitting tale, with devastating consequences. Utterly phenomenal." 

★★★★★ (Fairy Powered Productions on Adam & Eve)

"A pitch perfect production. Cook’s writing is just phenomenal."

★★★★★ (Spy in the Stalls on Adam & Eve)

“The quality of the acting means you are never sure of who the villain is.” 

★★★★★ (London Pub Theatres - second review - on Adam & Eve)

“Remarkable. This play is so topical.”

★★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall on Necessity)

"The play has a gravitas and timelessness that engages with everyone."

★★★★★ (London Pub Theatres on That Girl) 

“Absolutely mesmerising.” 

★★★★★ (Unicorn Smiles on That Girl) 

“Tackles the subject of anxiety perfectly.” 

★★★★1/2 (Breaking the Fourth Wall on Adam & Eve)

"Broken Silence Theatre aren't your average theatre company."

★★★★1/2 (The Reviews Hub on That Girl) 

“Painfully relatable.” 

★★★★ (Pocket Size Theatre on That Girl) 

“Funny and surprising.” 

★★★★ (Theatre Weekly on That Girl) 

“Speaks for a generation.” 

★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall on That Girl) 

“Beautiful and bittersweet.” 

★★★★ (Culturefly on That Girl) 

“Thought-provoking and unpredictable.” 

★★★★ (Ginger in the Theatre on That Girl) 

“Sharp, witty and expertly played.” 

★★★★ (Everything Theatre on Adam & Eve)

"This production has the potential to be something very big one day."

★★★★ (Act Drop on Adam & Eve)

“Cleverly-written, nuanced and totally absorbing.” 

★★★★ (Critigal on Adam & Eve)

“A fast-paced rollercoaster which entertains from beginning to end.” 

★★★★ (Playhouse Pickings on Adam & Eve)

“An impressive production in every respect.” 

★★★★ (Close Up Culture on Adam & Eve)

“Scary. Frightening. Pulsating theatre.” 

★★★★ (Peg Review on Adam & Eve)

“An important, pertinent, unconventional modern-day romance.” 

★★★★ (Secret Review London on Adam & Eve)

“A brilliantly written, wonderfully directed piece.” 

★★★★ (Culture Craze on Adam & Eve)

“A fascinating study into the fragility of relationships.” 

★★★★ (London Pub Theatres on Necessity)
“Dark and unsettling drama, with cracking jokes and a neat twist.”

★★★★ (Remote Goat on Necessity)
“Spunky, fast-paced and acerbic. Hilariously cruel.”

★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall on Tremors)

“Original, entertaining and to be applauded.”

★★★★ (London Pub Theatres on Tremors)

“Tense and fascinating political play.”

★★★★ (Broadway Baby on Bug Camp)
“Shrewdly written and thought provoking.”

★★★★ (London Theatre 1 on Bug Camp)

"Superb. A real ensemble piece from Broken Silence Theatre."

★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall on Bug Camp)

“Similar to the movie Bridesmaids with its complex ambivalent female relationships."

★★★★ (Female Arts on Blackout)

“Calling Blackout a post-apocalyptic psychological thriller doesn’t do it justice.”

★★★★ (Female Arts on Crushed)

“The cream of new writing.”

★★★★ (West End Wilma on Crushed)

“Well written monologues, skilfully acted.” 

★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall on Fragments)

"Each play gets under the skin." 

★★★★ (London Theatre 1 on Voices From Home - Volume 2)

"Engaging and convincing performances." 

★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall on Voices From Home - Volume 2)

"There should be more events like this." 

★★★★ (London Theatre 1 on Voices From Home -

Volume 3)

"Slick performances by all involved." 

★★★★ (A Younger Theatre on Voices From Home -

Volume 4)

"A fantastic festival for emerging writers." 

★★★★ (Theatre Weekly on Voices From Home -

Volume 5)

"Each play in itself was superb." 

★★★★ (A Younger Theatre on Voices From Home -

Volume 5)

"Powerful and engaging." 

★★★★ (LouReviews on Voices From Home -

Volume 5)

"Compelling to hear." 

★★★★ (Theatre, Films & Art Review on Voices From Home-

Volume 5)

"Engaging and cutting edge."

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