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Broken Silence Theatre are Brighton’s leading, multi-award-winning, new writing theatre company. Our work has been staged at the Arcola Theatre, Theatre503, King’s Head Theatre, Old Red Lion Theatre, Hope Theatre, RADA, Old Vic New Voices, Towner Gallery and the Jack Studio Theatre. We have been Off West End nominated and are the only theatre company to win the Best New Play Award at the Brighton Fringe Festival on multiple occasions.


Our ethos is simple: 

  • We care about regional writers.

  • We care about unheard voices.

  • We care about the here and now.

"(Broken Silence Theatre) captures a generation's voice." (The Stage)

"The cream of new writing.(Female Arts)

"One of the most prolific and thought-provoking theatre companies around."  (Breaking the Fourth Wall)

Praise for the company's previous productions:


★★★★★ (London Pub Theatres on Adam & Eve)

“Adds a new dimension to Phoebe Éclair Powell’s Wink and Brad Birch’s The Brink.”

★★★★★ (Theatre Weekly on Adam & Eve)

“Gripping from start to finish.”


★★★★★ (Unicorn Smiles on Adam & Eve)

“Ticks every box in theatre.” 

★★★★★ (The Review Chap on Adam & Eve)

“Engrossing, frustrating, but, above all, utterly fascinating.” 

★★★★★ (London Theatre 1 on Adam & Eve)

"This is a hard-hitting tale, with devastating consequences. Utterly phenomenal." 

★★★★★ (Fairy Powered Productions on Adam & Eve)

"A pitch perfect production. Cook’s writing is just phenomenal."

★★★★★ (Spy in the Stalls on Adam & Eve)

“The quality of the acting means you are never sure of who the villain is.” 

★★★★★ (London Pub Theatres - second review - on Adam & Eve)

“Remarkable. This play is so topical.”

★★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall on Necessity)

"The play has a gravitas and timelessness that engages with everyone."

★★★★★ (London Pub Theatres on That Girl) 

“Absolutely mesmerising.” 

★★★★★ (Unicorn Smiles on That Girl) 

“Tackles the subject of anxiety perfectly.” 

★★★★1/2 (Breaking the Fourth Wall on Adam & Eve)

"Broken Silence Theatre aren't your average theatre company."

★★★★1/2 (The Reviews Hub on That Girl) 

“Painfully relatable.” 

★★★★ (Pocket Size Theatre on That Girl) 

“Funny and surprising.” 

★★★★ (Theatre Weekly on That Girl) 

“Speaks for a generation.” 

★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall on That Girl) 

“Beautiful and bittersweet.” 

★★★★ (Culturefly on That Girl) 

“Thought-provoking and unpredictable.” 

★★★★ (Ginger in the Theatre on That Girl) 

“Sharp, witty and expertly played.” 

★★★★ (Everything Theatre on Adam & Eve)

"This production has the potential to be something very big one day."

★★★★ (Act Drop on Adam & Eve)

“Cleverly-written, nuanced and totally absorbing.” 

★★★★ (Critigal on Adam & Eve)

“A fast-paced rollercoaster which entertains from beginning to end.” 

★★★★ (Playhouse Pickings on Adam & Eve)

“An impressive production in every respect.” 

★★★★ (Close Up Culture on Adam & Eve)

“Scary. Frightening. Pulsating theatre.” 

★★★★ (Peg Review on Adam & Eve)

“An important, pertinent, unconventional modern-day romance.” 

★★★★ (Secret Review London on Adam & Eve)

“A brilliantly written, wonderfully directed piece.” 

★★★★ (Culture Craze on Adam & Eve)

“A fascinating study into the fragility of relationships.” 

★★★★ (London Pub Theatres on Necessity)
“Dark and unsettling drama, with cracking jokes and a neat twist.”

★★★★ (Remote Goat on Necessity)
“Spunky, fast-paced and acerbic. Hilariously cruel.”

★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall on Tremors)

“Original, entertaining and to be applauded.”

★★★★ (London Pub Theatres on Tremors)

“Tense and fascinating political play.”

★★★★ (Broadway Baby on Bug Camp)
“Shrewdly written and thought provoking.”

★★★★ (London Theatre 1 on Bug Camp)

"Superb. A real ensemble piece from Broken Silence Theatre."

★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall on Bug Camp)

“Similar to the movie Bridesmaids with its complex ambivalent female relationships."

★★★★ (Female Arts on Blackout)

“Calling Blackout a post-apocalyptic psychological thriller doesn’t do it justice.”

★★★★ (Female Arts on Crushed)

“The cream of new writing.”

★★★★ (West End Wilma on Crushed)

“Well written monologues, skilfully acted.” 

★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall on Fragments)

"Each play gets under the skin." 

★★★★ (London Theatre 1 on Voices From Home - Volume 2)

"Engaging and convincing performances." 

★★★★ (Breaking the Fourth Wall on Voices From Home - Volume 2)

"There should be more events like this." 

★★★★ (London Theatre 1 on Voices From Home - Volume 3)

"Slick performances by all involved." 

★★★★ (A Younger Theatre on Voices From Home - Volume 4)

"A fantastic festival for emerging writers." 

★★★★ (Theatre Weekly on Voices From Home - Volume 5)

"Each play in itself was superb." 

★★★★ (A Younger Theatre on Voices From Home - Volume 5)

"Powerful and engaging." 

★★★★ (LouReviews on Voices From Home - Volume 5)

"Compelling to hear." 

★★★★ (Theatre, Films & Art Review on Voices From Home - Volume 5)

"Engaging and cutting edge." 



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