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script reports


  • Providing script reports with tailored feedback ​for writers

  • Fast turnaround of 4 weeks to receive your report  

  • Reports compiled by our experienced script reading team 

  • 1-1 feedback sessions available over Zoom or Telephone

  • Affordable range of Script Reports starting from £40

About our Script Reports:

Broken Silence Theatre’s Script Reports is a service that provides dramaturgical feedback and guidance to playwrights. As new writing experts, we’re passionate about supporting playwrights and have created a range of Script Report services to help you achieve your writing goals. 


Using our extensive experience and knowledge of the theatre industry, our affordable script reports can help you during the drafting process or when submitting to theatres, playwriting competitions or programmers. 

Report length, turnaround time and suitability: 

Our Script Reports are typically 2-3 pages in length and will be sent to you within 4 weeks of us receiving your script. All Script Reports are compiled by an experienced member of our script reading team and are thoughtful, constructive and full of encouragement. Feedback covers areas such as story, structure, dialogue, characterisation, theme, overall execution, and much more.

Our reports are suitable for playwrights at any stage of the writing process, whether you're developing a new idea, stuck on your next draft, submitting to theatres, or aiming to take your play to the next level.  

Script Report services: 

Bronze Service - £40

  • Tailored script report on your Short Play, Initial Scenes or Work-in-Progress draft (for scripts up to 20 pages)

  • Ask up to 2 follow up questions to our reading team via email

  • Receive recommendations on suggested reading and next steps 

Silver Service - £60

  • Tailored script report on your Full-length play (for scripts up to 80 pages)

  • Ask up to 2 follow up questions to our reading team via email

  • Receive recommendations on suggested reading and next steps

Gold Service - £80

  • Tailored script report on your Full-length play (for scripts up to 80 pages)

  • 45-minute 1-to-1 feedback meeting on Zoom or Telephone with a member of our team

  • Ask unlimited follow up questions during Zoom or Telephone meeting

  • Receive recommendations on suggested reading and next steps

Writer testimonials:

  • Lucy Dobree, writer for Off-West End award-nominated Voices From Home:

"Broken Silence Theatre's Script Report service was just what I was looking for. Encouraging but thought provoking feedback that really made me feel like my play had been read carefully and thoroughly. It's excellent value and the report has already helped me take the piece to the next level. I'd thoroughly recommend Broken Silence for anyone looking for coverage."

  • James McDermott, writer of the acclaimed ‘Time and Tide’ at the Park Theatre:

“Broken Silence Theatre provided me with detailed feedback on my play ‘Fifty Years’, which helped me re-see the play and find the story I wanted to write behind the story I'd written. They’ve helped me develop my craft and build my profile as a playwright and have supported many other writers to grow and connect.”

  • Rachel Tookey, winner of Methuen Drama/Marlowe Society ‘Other Prize’ for ‘Bromley Bedlam Bethlehem’:


“The support and feedback I’ve received from Broken Silence Theatre meant I could unabashedly call myself a writer and gave me the confidence to be bigger and bolder with my own writing. It helped take the pressure off, and get me back to a space where I could be living and enjoying my writing.” 

Further Information (including T&C's):

  • When you purchase one of our Script Report services, we will contact you within 5 working days to request a copy of your script and ask a couple of initial questions, including your primary reason for seeking feedback. Once we have received the script and your responses, you will receive your Script Report within 4 weeks. 

  • Scripts should be formatted in 12-point font and be either standard or double spaced. 

  • Scripts must adhere to the page limits as stated for each service. If your script exceeds the page limit, then you will be asked to submit the script again (keeping within the page limit) or our readers will report on your script to the page limit outlined. 

  • If your script is longer than 80 pages and you wish to discuss Script Report options, then please contact us via email for a tailored quote. 

  • Follow up questions for the Silver and Bronze Script Report services can be sent to us via email up to 4 weeks after you’ve received your report.  

  • 1-to-1 feedback sessions for our Gold Package will be arranged via email after you’ve received your Script Report. These sessions take place via Zoom and last for approx 45 minutes.

  • Fees for all Script Report services are non-refundable. 

Contact us if you have any questions about our Script Reports

Thank you!

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