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With Fragments now open as part of Brighton Fringe 2022, we chat to our wonderful writers to find out more about them and their creative process.

How would you describe your writing in 3 words? 

Dark Comic Lore. 

Who or what are your biggest writing influences?

People, nature and music.

What should a tourist see and do in your home county/town? 

I'm not from Norwich-Norwich but the North coast, but I'm biased against tourists coming to Norfolk, so not the best to ask! Depends on the tourist! Food wise, Crabbies in Blakeney for good seafood, book and record shops in Tombland Norwich, Elm Hill for film locations and I guess Holkham Beach. You need a car. 

What’s the best piece of advice (writing or otherwise) you’ve ever received? 

Get it Written. Don't get it right! Just get it written! 


Can you tell us a bit about your play for Fragments? 

His Name Was Ryan is about a student nurse's first shift on A&E and how we are never prepared for what comes through the door. No matter how much training or little, we've had. 


What would you like audiences to take away from Fragments and your play in particular?

I'd like audiences to take the fact that nurses are always told to hold 2% back no matter what happens, hold 2% aside for yourself in case of whatever comes through that door. 

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